You did it; you took the dive and questioned the lady to do something… to
include you, go out with you, tell you some thing, explain to you
anything… to



And then, she actually is said



Well what precisely will you


What now ? when she says no?

This really is a pushing concern for men.
If guys didn’t be concerned about answering the “what if she says no?”
concern, guys everywhere would walk-up to the females they wanted and
target them with reckless abandon.

There’d be no “missed contacts”; no “I noticed this gorgeous woman
today, and she saw myself, and I


I’d eliminated and mentioned something to their.”

No further “waiting for the ideal time”… not necessarily.

Since there’d end up being no fear of appearing uncomfortable and experiencing
unpleasant in the event it failed to work-out. But, this isn’t the outcome, because
males normally do not know how to deal with a no.

Partly 2 of your 3-part series on compliance (you can read role 1

Getting the woman to express “Yes”

we are going to handle your options based on how to proceed when you are getting a